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Welcome! If you are new to painting and drawing or new to Port Art Courses online, follow these free introductory art instructional pages to find out basics about brushes, terminology , media, curriculum, etc. You can subscribe at any stage to teach yourself using online art classes

“Everyone’s a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will go through its whole life thinking its stupid.”

- Albert Einstein

I like to share this quote with those who are just starting out learning about drawing and painting because it helps to understand that not everyone expresses their creativity in the same way. Developing the technical skill to render a figure realistically is admirable and no mean feat, however (arguably) not necessarily a guarantee of  great creative genius.

A mind full of great creative concepts can never reach it's practical potential without some degree of skilled physical or technical expression.

The great modern masters studied the fundamentals, they studied the old masters and all things traditional before evolving and developing their own contemporary, unique and often ground-breaking styles. What they all shared in common was the early exposure to sound technical skills, fundamentals of art theory, but importantly, a strong creative drive.

Once you have the Terminology e-book, watch the webinar guide to Terminology that you will need to know to move forward  at your own pace learning about drawing and painting.

Most students start in drawing and acrylics, but learning packages starting in watercolours or oils are also available.

If you are wanting to learn specifically in Watercolours or oils, please select these course options from the Art course Index, there will be a Full package option (to include all essential theory subjects, or a practical module for those who just need to learn about the medium)

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