Painting Materials Lists

Below are some pages and download links for the basic requirements to learn in the following media with Port Art Studios

Drawing - Buy the basics from this list if you are drawing to be able to paint better. Get the extras if drawing materials are or may become a favourite medium.


Acrylics - Basics Titanium white (larger), burnt umber, ultramarine (warm) blue, phthalo (cool) or cerulean(cool) blue, a primary red (like magenta or quinacridone rose, in short a rosy transparent red) , a cadmium light yellow, satin medium/varnish. (or buy a matt and a gloss so you can have satin by mixing the two, or matt or gloss depending on the project.


Watercolours - Download list


Oil painting - the contemporary way, with alkyd mediums and odourless mineral spirit. At Port Art studios, you can learn the traditional method, however most are adopting an acrylic block-in and an alkyd oil painting finish.

 Download list


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