Art Terminology to Learn

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Once you have downloaded the free Terminology pdf, watch this brief webinar with some visual examples of this basic introductory art terminology to learn.  These definitions are just what I figure to be the minimum to help you get started, you will be able to add to your theoretical and practical abilities, working your way through the course index,  and as you do, more art terminology to learn will follow.

Many things are relative in art e.g. red is a warm colour, but there is also a range of cool reds. 'Contrast' is a noticeable difference in tonal values (but there can be contrast in all other elements of visual art as well.) Once you have a grip on the minimum, you can add to your learning at your own pace, taking the theory modules and then practical courses in which to apply the principles and elements with various media and approaches.

Below is a great link to bookmark, it has a multitude of art words and definitions.

If you havn't seen the free introduction to brushes, learn about brushes now

If you learned all about brushes and also about drawing, my suggestion is to start the theory modules off with the Composition & Design Module, followed by the Module on Tone, Contrast, Emphasis, Light and Shade, then Colour Made Easy Module. You will need at least these under your belt to do well with the practical projects you choose. Drawing is helpful for all students to practice (regardless of the genres that interest you). The Online Drawing Course shows you a range of different tips and techniques to improve your drawing

“Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Einstein

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