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Some of us are lucky to start drawing and rendering at a very young age, when we are naturally working from the right side of our brain. It is never too late to learn to draw and there is not just one way to go about it. This course for Drawing online allows the DIY learner to develop great drawing skills in their own time.


For the last part of the 20th century, the focus on drawing and rendering skills faded somewhat in favour of abstract design and conceptual art. There has been a gradual return to a broader appreciation of the skills of drawing.

To draw well, we need to see well or observe well first. This is a skill in itself. For every new subject you tackle it helps to familiarise yourself with the lines, shapes, spaces, forms, colours, tones & textures.

Even if it is your desire to express yourself by drawing your own concepts in abstract form, you will still need to understand how to get what you see in your mind to appear how you'd like on the paper and also how to arrange them well.

To draw an isolated object is one thing, but to create a complete and engaging composition, an artist needs to also work on design and arrangement skills. (See the Module on Composition and Design)


Drawing is great fun and you can get better if you are willing to practice a lot                                                                                                                                    , learn some clever techniques for making things look accurate and also learning ways to shade and model objects to make them look 3 D. Practice, learn, practice.

 There are many different styles of drawing but all of them involve first training your brain, your eyes and your hand to all work together.

The Foundation Drawing Module includes 

- a 10 Part Online Introductory Drawing Course (view as e-books or print a workbook for your notes.)

- an Introductory Drawing Webinar

- a bonus E-book 'Introduction to Linear Perspective'

- An extra added bonus 'All About Light & Shade'

(- See Port Art Online Index for theme specific Drawing courses)

If you are drawing with a view to learning painting as well, it would be advisable to start with a foundation package (such as Platinum subscriber) which will build your overall skills together with drawing. Materials are delivered regularly over 12 weeks  to go step by step and a private tuition session is included to get you some intensive help with a practical project of your choice.

Platinum Subscriber - Drawing, Theory Fundamentals + Acrylics Introduction + Private tuition session $200

Foundation Drawing Course + Theory Fundamentals $130

Foundation Drawing Course  $75

Drawing Courses

If you are wanting to have some private tuition to guide you and help you fast-track your drawing development as you undertake the Drawing Foundation Course, please choose from the options below and I will personally contact you to establish a reliable delivery and a time that suits. (Private tutorials for online students are done with custom webinar videos by email).

Private Tutorial Options

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