Figure Drawing Course

If you are keen to improve your figure drawing skills, this course will take you through the following fundamental and essential steps


- stick figure proportions: based on an average 8 head high figure, learn and practice the landmarks and comparative proportions


- gesture sketching: capture the essential lines and basic proportions of static and dynamic figures

- fleshing out your stick figures: once you are confident with the underlying structure, you can start to learn how to build a male or female form around that frame


- tricky areas such as hands and feet: 

- heads and faces, average proportions, different construction methods, male features vs female features, individual features


Before you head off to life-drawing sessions where there is a live model doing various poses, it is very helpful to learn the average proportions and the general forms and shapes of the figure and it's various parts.

You will receive the entire figure drawing module by email, to use step by step, at your own pace.

Figure Drawing Course


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