Cheetah Family

Port Art Studios

This is a 9 stage multi-tasking project where you can learn more about and put into practice the following things. 

a. Using a secondary triad colour scheme

b. Creating a 'soft focus' background in acrylics with soft feathering and misting

c. Creating your own balanced and pleasing composition, using reference, imagination and sound compositional planning. (Placing the focal point at a sweet point.)

d. Portraying animal fur in a layered, painterly approach

e. Expressing the character of the animals, drawing correctly

f. Working with modelling paste plus glazing and scumbling to create the foreground earth 

Use this family (a larger image) as reference or find your own cheetah reference photos if you prefer


You will receive by email, a stage by stage tutorial with all materials, progressive photos and explanations of techniques and materials so you can create your own cheetah painting.

Cheeta Painting - Project/Tutorial


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