Koalas in a Gum Tree

Port Art Studios

How cliché is this theme in Australia? Who cares, it's fun!

The fact is, these are an appealing subject to many from Australia and also from outside. The reason they are here as a project for student artists is mainly as a great example of these: 

* to practice creating (one kind of) fur texture, 

* try a blended gradient in the background sky

* practice using modeling paste to create texture 

* creating an appealing gum tree

Preferred pre-requisites (ideal but not essential) : Paint Application Techniques Tutorial, Colour Made Easy Module, Composition and Design Module. Drawing Foundation Course. (to create your own scheme and compositional design, using the steps as a technique guide only,  it would be helpful if you have already covered the modules above. If not, stick to this scheme, reference and composition)

Koala Project - Project/Tutorial


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