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The things I love most about the medium of watercolours are the following:

  • It is the most portable and convenient for a traveling artist, or for quick studies for major works in this or other media
  • It is a fast drying medium
  • They have a mind of their own! (firstly a challenge, then an exhilarating journey, always surprising)
  • The pure white substrate with transparent layers gives luminosity and vibrance unmatched,  (if you select your pigments wisely)
  • They are an exciting challenge (oh! I said that already!)
  • It gives spontaneous, unique and variable effects and marks which are not possible with other media
  • It costs less for a student to get basically kitted out
  • Many styles of creativity are possible.Some traditional watercolorists get a little closed minded and uppity about watercolour but seriously, no matter what style you like to develop, watercolour may be a medium you could manipulate to your own ends.(e.g. fresh, splashy and spontaneous, smooth, tight and photo-real, wild, abstract and mysterious).

Things that some dont like about watercolour are (all easily overcome)

  • Finished art works generally need to be behind glass and I am not alone in my reluctance to put of a glazed barrier between art and viewer plus it is a large expense for an exhibiting artist (the good thing nowadays is that a watercolour canvas has been developed, so enthusiasts can dispense with the glass if desired, although it s not exactly the same as working on papers.)
  • Watercolour is a more challenging medium for learners (contrary to popular misconception, a lot more planning and understanding of each pigment's unique qualities is required). This puts some scaredy cats off! 
  • More than any other medium you need to be wary of cheap, nasty imitations that fail to deliver the desired results ( because they are inferior pigments padded out with up to 92% fillers and extenders)

What you will learn in the Watercolour Introductory Course

  • What are the basic materials, the fun extra tools and the ways of integrating watercolour with other media
  • How to get clean flat washes, how to create a gradient (a smooth transition from dark to light or vice versa)
  • What are the variances in behaviours of different pigments
  • How to mix your pigments cleanly to get beautiful secondaries, tertiaries, tints, shades and neutrals
  • How to look after your equipment to last
  • Different types and grades paper and alternative substrates
  • How to succeed in masking and lifting out light tones.
  • How to create a large range of creative and imaginative textures
  • How to avoid making mud puddles
  • How to paint wet in wet.
  • What is dry brush painting, mixing the two techniques
  • How to best utilise glazing for clean, translucent results

Prerequisites for the Watercolour Introductory Course

As with any of the practical courses available , it is preferable to have covered the theory modules on Design & Composition , Contrast, Emphasis, Light & Shade and Colour Made Easy. Your  results will be far more successful with these fundamentals under your belt. 

(regular learning materials delivery over a term + private tuition)

Other Course Options (instant delivery by email)

Watercolour 1- Course : Learning the medium, techniques & tips  $75

Watercolour 2 -  Course  + All Theory Fundamentals $145 ($175  taken individually)

Watercolour 3 - Course  + All Theory Fundamentals + Private Tuition Session $200 ($245 individually)

Watercolour Courses

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