Private Art Tutorial Options

One Private Art Tutorial per 12 week term (the option of a 3 part feedback on a practical project) is included in the Gold Subscriptions and the Platinum Subscriptions and can also be purchased by any member seeking private art classes online . Book here below. 


To help in preparing a truly effective, custom and individualised session(s), there is  a quick questionnaire which helps save a lot of time in giving me a clear picture of where you are up to and where you'd like to go with your creativity. This will be emailed after you book (here below) so we can get on the same page with where you are up to, what equipment you have and what goals you would like some help with.



You choose a project that you would like to focus on and we will undertake 3 stages of feedback and interaction during the course of your drawing/ painting project. (once your session booking or subscription  comes through Paypal, a booking email will be sent so you can custom plan it and make a time/day to commence.)

These three stages can be by email, video-webinar or by phone+email if you are in the region. Whichever works best for you. You will need to scan or snap your image and send by email at the planning stage, next at the basic compositional block in stage and then the final stages. I will be working in Photoshop to tweak, adjust, suggest and recommend improvements, additions, re-assessments etc.


Just like onsite students at Port Art Studios, the choice of focus is completely up to you.

If you are struggling with a certain colour mixing, composing, blending with a particular medium, drawing accuracy, we can plan a 3 part session to focus on intensively developing this particular challenging area.

Also available as a discounted tutorial package

REGULAR TUTORIAL BOOKING (AU$300, package of 4 private sessions, valid over 6 months)

If you are wanting to book a course of private tutorials (which can be used weekly, fortnightly or monthly), the rate is also further discounted.

Singe Private Tutorial Session $90

Book a package of 4 sessions $300 (valid 6 months)

Private Tutorial Options

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