Composition & Design Module $35


Composition is a word  which can be used in several contexts , within the visual  art world and also in other areas such as writing, music and science.

An author writes clever and appealing stories through his/her use of grammar and vocabulary. 

A visual artist's version of grammar and vocabulary are the formal visual elements of art eg.line, shape, form, space, tone, colour and texture and utilising the design principles of design and composition, a clever arrangement of the features in an art work can make the difference between a broadly appealing success and a sad disappointment. 

Without a very comprehensive understanding of the principles of composition, the best results  will constantly evade a student. 

The Composition and Design module consists of:

* The pdf e-book on Composition Considerations

* The pdf e-book on Design Principles and Elements

* A sample sheet for a Composition Planning page

* The pdf on Linear Perspective

* A Video Webinar covering all of the above

Composition & Design Module $35


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