Linear Perspective

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This e-book on linear perspective is in easy to understand language and will show you the basic principles you will need to draw a building, street scene, how to figure out the positioning of doors / windows and fence posts etc using the principles of linear perspective.

* Linear perspective is a system used to create the illusion of space and distance on a flat surface. The main features are the horizon (a line running across the image) with a vanishing point(s) placed on the line. Because of the way our eyes see the world, all perpendicular lines defining the side of three-dimensional objects (called orthogonals) are converging towards the vanishing point. In addition, the further away an object is, the smaller it looks.

*The most common use of the principles of linear perspective for an artist that I can think of would be to help when an otherwise non-mathematical artist wishes to draw a little shed or house, and then they need to add windows and a fence. Or maybe a street scene. (or an interior scene). When drawing and painting figures and still life, an understanding of perspective is useful as well.

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