Ready made imported frames

Photo Frames Melbourne

Picture Framing is sought for an infinite number of items and all of our Melbourne framing clients have different priorities including some who seek photo frames that are economical but not tacky.


Custom framing is never going to be as cheap as readymade wall frames or photo frames for a number of reasons, mainly as they are synthetic and mass produced in Asia. They are just not comparable to hand made individualised, made to your tastes, quality custom designed frames.

When we meet people looking for a frame with economy foremost in their goals,  we found these to be a solution and they come from the same suppliers as our custom materials.


* Sometimes a Nana just wants a simple and affordable frame to honour her grandchild's crayon drawing.

* A graduate wants to hang their certificates but doesn't have a budget that allows custom choices.

PRICING - Choose from standing photo frames or hanging art frames (with matts) and see price lists

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