Coco Kats - Pop Art

Coco is a Pop Artist with a difference. Contrary to the common use of advertising, comic book imagery, cultural kitch and irony, the motivating sources behind her choice of subjects include cultural pride, inspiration and admiration. The figures that she portrays are universally known and like some other Pop artists she creates an entire series using the same figure in altered settings.

Stencils, brushwork, collage, charcoal, graphite and other mixed media are used in her ongoing series of paintings that depict her stories of humanity ( usually surrounding inspiring figures of recent history or symbolic personas.)

Often a kind of soulful tribute , her paintings have layers of handwritten textual  quotes from her subjects and/or large stencilled letters of highlighted phrases and overlaid images of the well known figures . Using mixed media including collage, acrylic, oils, drawing materials etc, she makes a visual tale of the impact that these characters have had on her.

Her prices average between $1150 - $3000. Request an email with price/size/availabilities of all works in stock. Selected art works are also available by custom order as giclee prints on canvas.(browse giclee options)

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